Rautahat, 16 June. Anju Jha, a social engineer, said that it was ridiculous for the Ishnath Municipality to protest against the distribution of some basic health items to the community affected by Kovid 19.
Addressing a press conference at the office of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Rautahat, on Sunday, social engineer Jha said that the people of rural areas were deeply disturbed by the second wave of Kovid 19 and distributed health items including masks and hand sanitizers to the Dalit community. On the issue, Ishnath Municipality commented that the protest was ridiculous and anti-people She said the municipality did not do so when it came to distributing health care to the poor, destitute and helpless people in her town at the time of the high risk of Kovid, but she was saddened when she personally protested the distribution. He alleges that Santosh Mehta and his brother Mohan Mehta have been protesting against the social work of Jha, a social engineer from Ward No. 3 of Ishnath Municipality.
While running an NGO called Mandvi, Jha did positive things two years ago with the permission of the local government, but to people including Mayor Mehta.
She complained that the Mandvi organization was stopped from working in Ishnath Napa for fear of contesting for the post of mayor in the upcoming election.
According to social engineer Jha, Mehta Dajubhai has been misusing the letterpad of Ishnath Municipality and the letterpad of CPN (Maoist) by writing letters to the District Administration Office, Social Welfare Council and the donor body. “Initially, 150 hand pipes were installed under an agreement, but then they were not allowed to do the program as they were not in a suitable place. We are working in collaboration with another municipality,” he said.
She clarified that the organization does not work but she was forced to hold a press conference as she has been personally complaining in various places even during the distribution of Kovid to the poor and destitute. Why is the mayor scared of a woman who refuses to search for municipal development budgets and hides information? She asks. She made it clear that today’s press conference was held to inform everyone about the work I have done through this press conference and the obstruction from the municipality as I have been repeatedly tried to kill my character by writing various things about me in the media or social media.


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