Rautahat may 31 । Rautahat Nepal, including the world, has been invaded by covid-19. Lockdown continues in the country. Lockdown has made the situation of the dependent family miserable. Even then, when Corona infected her dependent family with daily wages, her family seemed to be in big trouble. Similarly, infected people are losing their lives due to not getting oxygen, ventilator, ICU, medical treatment and ambulance service on time.No concrete action has been taken by any level of government. Keeping this in mind, Bijay Sah, a skilled and honest employee working in the Napi branch of Rautahat Gaur, Ward No. 6 of Gaur Municipality, has announced to donate one year salary to various agencies of Gaur Municipality.

Sah says that he has promised to help the people of Gaur to alleviate the pain. Sah said that Gaur health workers, security personnel, media personnel, civic leaders, social workers, Corona infected and their families will be provided with various health care items in the next one or two days.


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