Rautahat, June 12: Rural Development Centre (RDC) Nepal, Rautahat in support of Islamic Relief Nepal has been implementing the “responding to the second wave COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal” project in Rautahat district.

Paras Husain, RDC Nepal’s Chairperson, said that the necessary health equipment and materials have been distributed to the COVID-19 hospitals and have further plans to support these hospitals to provide basic health facilities to the most affected and vulnerable people.

In today’s distribution, Surgical Gloves, Vitamin-D tablets, Oxygen Concentrators like items of a total amount of thirty-four lakh were handed over to three hospitals.

Mr. Husain said, altogether a total amount of sixty lakh valued health equipment, medicine, and hygiene items has been supporting these hospitals during this crisis period. Also, we are exploring further support to reach the most vulnerable families with food security and hygiene promotions.


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